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Surf House

… for those who love nature, surfing and authentic Portuguese culture. Surf, chill and soak up the sun! Cliff Surf House is a high quaility surf house offering private and shared rooms as well as delicious food to live the surf lifestyle in Portugal.
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A lifestyle, not a sport.

It`s always been about guests, who became friends, about sharing surf sessions, sunsets or food around a big table. Together, we are a family dedicated to living a relaxed life in the sunshine, close to the ocean.
Cliff Surf House is a place to create memories, share a passion for surfing, have fun, and build long-lasting friendships.
Welcome to our sunny pool chillout area, the hotspot to hang out, get some tan and enjoy a cool drink. We have sun all day long here.
We also have a great bar with a fine selection of drinks, beers and cocktails. You chill at the pool, we serve you cold drinks.
Band playing live in Surf House in Portugal
There’s no better way to enjoy a beautiful summer than jamming to live music outside. If you have a talent, here is your stage.


Are you looking for the perfect Surfhouse in Portugal for your surfing holiday? 
Cliff Surf House has got you covered! After five seasons in another house, our new home opened its doors for the very first time in July 2021. We worked hard to make everything as cosy as possible. We upgraded all our wooden beds to maximise comfort. All our double rooms got new and private bathrooms. No matter if you prefer a single room, a double room or a shared room – you decide where you will stay and what accommodation suits your budget and vibe!
Our capacity: We have space for 27 guests per week, in 7 double rooms and 2 shared rooms with bunk beds – all with a private bathroom. 
All of our rooms are kept in a unique and stylish surf atmosphere. Most of our furniture is handmade by our team. All bedding and bath towels are provided. We want you to feel at home while staying with us! We are not one of those mass-tourist places – at our house, everyone will know your name and you will be part of the Cliff family in no time. Cliff is the perfect Surfhouse in Portugal.
We believe that a good rest is important to be full of energy for the next surf lessons.
No matter if you sleep in a dorm or double room, you will sleep and dream well. Cliff: the perfect Surfhouse in Portugal!
Double room “Pisão”
Shared room “Mirante”
Double room “Santa Rita”
Shared room “Azul”
Double room “Vigia”
Single room “Max”
Double room “Quarenta”
Double room “Navio”
Double room “Mexilhoeira”


We believe it’s not only surfing and fascinating nature that counts, but also other travelers to share the extraordinary moments with. Cliff Surf House is designed to make it easy to make new friends you can share your experiences with. Every week we have people traveling alone, but also friends or couples, which are just waiting to get to know you. The average age is 24-35 years. Our guests have an international background, mostly from Europe. During High Season (June-September) we only accept guests with a minimum age of 18 years. During Low- and Mid Season we also accept families.
2 girls sitting in the back of a surf van
We have hosted birthday and bachelor parties, company retreats, yoga retreats, even a wedding! Just ask us, if you plan something special.

sustainability – our own farm

Surfing’s connection to nature is imbedded in the very origins of the sport.
We want to protect our nature by trying to make as little impact on the environment as possible. We try to have less stuff, but with more meaning. We repair broken things, before throwing them away. We respect nature.
Since 2021 we have an own farm with 6.000 m² to prodcue our own veggies and fruits. Fresher than that is impossible.
farmer field
„REuse – REduce – REcycle – REpeat” is our credo. We kindly ask you to support our vision, which helps us to become a sustainable Surfhouse in Portugal.
water bottle swimming in the ocean
Here a few actions we take, to live a little greener: We get most of our energy from out solar panels, we organize beach cleans, we are part of „take 3 for the sea“ initiative, which basically means we always bring 3 pieces of plastic items from the beach.
We buy everything from our region. Our staff comes mostly from our area, which supports the local economy. With booking Cliff Surf House you do everything right: For yourself, for the locals and for our beloved planet.


We know eating is one of the biggest pleasures. Our homemade food is cooked with love and contains a large range of variety.
Getting most of our veggies and fruits straight from our own farm, means best food quality. We buy our fish and meat locally so it’s fresher than you’ll ever imagine. There is also always a vegetarian option, prepared freshly every day.
Cliff surf camp sushi plate
We serve up a nice breakfast with eggs, fruits, bread, juices, coffee and tea and some other goodies – there is something for everyone.
BBQ grill with fish and veggies
The highlight of the week: CLIFF SURF BBQ. We turn on the barbecue and put on the tasteful meat and a lot of nice veggies. Can you smell the fire already?
Avocado open from top
You can opt for vegan food as an add-on. It’s €20 for the entire week, covering special vegan products. Common food allergies? We’ve got you covered. We strive to accommodate your dietary needs, so please inform after your booking, and we’ll try to work on it. Please note, we can not guarantee to cover all special needs.
Sushi plate
Within Japanese cuisine, sushi has captured the hearts of gourmets from all over the world. Our world-class sushi chef Fernando and his team are coming once a week to our Surf House to offer amazing rolls, sashimi and appetizers using only the freshest ingredients. If you are looking for a really special taste experience, you are very welcome to book this extra.
sushi rolls inside out

In a nutshell

A new house with high standard 100%
Portuguese surf coaches 100%
Guests from Europe 89%
Local food 100%
Surf beginners 88%
Female guests 64%
Own produced energy 65%
Own produced veggies and fruit 80%
The perfect Surfhouse in Portugal 100%