lots of fun

beside surfing

No matter if we go slack lining, skateboarding or do Yoga:  everything will improve your balance skills, which is super useful for surfing. If you need a little extra kick, we offer a lot of additional fun stuff to do.
Longboarding girl in Portugal

Included activities

Attractive women doing Yoga
Once a week we offer a stretching class, as it complements surfing perfectly. You will help your body to recover from all activities in the water.
Surfboard Shaper Factory from inside
We have the possibility to visit the local surfboard shaping factory and get interesting insights about how boards are made, the different shapes and materials.
close up image of shoes on a skateboard
Surfskate is a skateboard for surfing on the street! The special front truck allows movements similar to surfing. The movements are absolutely intuitive and easy to learn – we show you how!

Optional activities

people skating to the beach
Longboard dancing is a visual, flowy and skillful discipline that involves fluid cross-stepping and balancing tricks while carving on the board. Longboard dancing is one of the best free feelings you can get on a board.
biggest wave in Portugal in Nazare
Nazaré hosts one of the two World Surfing League’s Big Wave surfing contests, with waves reaching up to 30 meters during winter. For anyone seeking extreme action, Nazaré is the place where humans push the boundaries of what’s possible.
Wine tasing with friends
Portugal has been too long in the shadow of its more popular touristic neighbors such as Spain or France. Over the past few years, Portugal has been imposing itself as a top wine destination. Try the best wine of our area in Quinta da Almiara.
train in Lisbon
Lisbon is the stunning capital of Portugal and is one of the most charismatic and vibrant cities of Europe. It presents traditional heritage as well as memorable modernism and progressive thinking. Stroll around pretty coffee shops and enjoy finest food.
Girl from a photoshoot standing in bikini in the ocean
Meet our photographer and enjoy the moment: Your photographer will guide you through the experience to make sure you get stunning results. We will capture the moments you never want to forget.
Pretty girl on Lusitano horse on the beach
Portugal is well know for its equestrian traditions, fabulous Lusitano horses and top level classical dressage. Riding over the cliffs, on the beach or even in the ocean will guarantee you unforgettable riding experiences.