Safe travels with Cliff

We offer the following check-out times and policies.

Regular Check-In:
15:00 – 18:00
Feel free to arrive from 09:00, although your room may only be available at 15:00.

Evening Check-In:
18:00 – 22:00
You’ll receive the key to your room; the official check-in process takes place the next morning.

Late Check-In:
22:00 – 0:00
Additional 20€ charge; you’ll receive the key to your room, and the official check-in process occurs the following morning.

After 00:00:
Arriving after midnight is not possible.

Regular Check-Out:
09:00 – 10:30
You are welcome to hang out in the house until 18:00.

Late Check-Out:
10:30 – 13:00
Additional 20€ charge, you are welcome to hang out in the house until 18:00.


Until 2 Month before your stay: We will give you the option to rebook your stay for free or to send you a voucher over the amount you already paid, valid for one year.

Until 1 month before your stay: We keep 50% of your deposit as a cancellation fee. The remaining amount will be converted into a voucher, which you can use to rebook your stay, valid for one year.

Until 2 weeks before your stay: We will keep 100% of your deposit money when the cancellation is made two weeks before the start. No refund or voucher will be issued.

Cliff does not refund payments in the event of unforeseeable disasters such as pandemics, wars, storms, terrorism, and so on. The risk lies with the person booking.

CLIFF SURF HOUSE reserves a right to cancel any trip at any time without explanation. In this event, a client will receive a full refund of the deposit payment. In case CLIFF SURF HOUSE is forced to cancel a client’s trip due to circumstances beyond our control (adverse weather conditions, war, terrorism, epidemic etc.), no refund is foreseen.

Terms and Conditions: The webpage you are viewing is owned, operated and controlled by CLIFF SURF HOUSE. In these terms and conditions CLIFF SURF HOUSE is referred to as “we”, “us”, “our”, “CLIFF”. By booking your stay, surf lessons or any other services with CLIFF you agree to all of our terms and conditions and will be further on referred to as Client, Customer, Guest or You.

Booking Process & Payment: Bookings shall be requested through our bookings system or per e-mail. In order to confirm bookings, CLIFF SURF HOUSE requires the payment of a deposit of 50% of the total amount. You will receive an invoice with the total amount of the products and services booked and the amount due for the deposit.

Payment methods: We accept three payment methods. You can pay directly via Credit Card or Paypal. If you opt for a bank transfer, the deposit shall be paid within 2 days. Once we acknowledge the payment, we will send you a confirmation voucher per email with the details of your stay. The resting amount must be paid at check-in day in cash or by debit/credit card (Visa, Mastercard).

Deposit: Upon the client’s arrival, we require an additional 100 euros security deposit in cash per person for surf equipment and our property. The deposit is returned on departure day if no damage occurs during the client’s stay.

Group bookings: When one person (lead person) makes a reservation on behalf of a group of people, he/she confirms holding the authority to make the contract on behalf of everyone who is to receive the services in the group. The lead person must ensure that all members of the group are aware of and accept these Terms and Conditions. In any case, the lead person stays responsible for the full cost of the services for himself/herself and the group including any related charges under these Terms and Conditions.
A client is responsible for reviewing thoroughly all booking and/or confirmation details and notifying CLIFF immediately should any errors or discrepancies arise. In case a client fails to promptly notify CLIFF SURF HOUSE of any such errors or discrepancies, we assume that a client considers booking and/or confirmation details correct and accepts them.

Prices: All prices are quoted in Euros (EUR). Prices may be subjected to change if the circumstances necessitate. Price changes do not affect already confirmed bookings, and a client has the right to receive services at the rates stated in the booking confirmation.

Travel health insurances: Surfing is an amazing sport. Our certified coaches do their best to prepare you for surf sessions, prioritizing safety. However, accidents can happen, as in any sport. We want to emphasize that you surf at your own risk. In case of an accident or injury, you need to have valid insurance that covers you abroad.  You need an adequate, complete insurance covering each stage of your trip. We’re grateful to have had minimal major injuries in 8 years at Cliff and aim to continue that way. Therefore, always pay close attention to your coach’s advice. You are solely responsible for preparing all necessary valid documents (passport, visa, ID, driving license, insurance, etc.) before the trip. In the event of an injury during a lesson to the extent that you cannot continue the practice, no refund from Cliff will be provided.

Promotions and discounts: Promotions are valid for direct bookings only.
Promotions and campaigns are not valid in conjunction with other discounts. Black Friday promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other discount.

Extra nights: Extra nights are considered nights after the packs stay (so from 8 nights).  Extra nights includes accommodation and breakfast. Depending on the pack the client booked it can have a surf lesson included.

Cancellation of services and no-show: The cancellation of any service booked shall be done at the latest with 24 hours notice. In case of cancellation of a booked service outside the period of grace or in case of no-show, CLIFF reserves the right to charge the full amount as if the service was held/given. Services already paid are non-refundable. In the event of unpredictable circumstances that lead to cancellation or postponement of service by the entity CLIFF, a voucher will be issued for the service in question or exchanged for a service of the same value or less.

Exchange of services: The services included in the pack cannot be exchanged by others. In the case that a client does not wish to use a certain service included in the pack that she/he purchased, she/he loses the right to it. It is not our policy to exchange services or to refund the corresponding amount. The packs and their content are personal and non-transferable. It is not allowed to exchange services between packs or to transfer the service to another party/client.

Liability: You as the customer recognise inherent risks both apparent and hidden deriving from surfing and associated with surf camps as well as participating in any sport/leisure activities and commuting in a foreign country. All of these factors may threaten your wellbeing and cause injuries to you and other customers. To the full extent permitted by law, CLIFF SURF HOUSE does not hold any liability for any loss, damage or injury which may arise from exercising our or third-parties services no matter how that loss, damage, or injury occurred. A client participates in surf lessons and other activities at his/her own risk. CLIFF SURF HOUSE does not hold any responsibility for customer’s property despite providing personal safety lockers and striving to create utmost security. A customer is solely and fully responsible for safekeeping his/her property from theft, loss, or damage.
By booking a stay at CLIFF, a client confirms that he/she is physically fit and is able to swim well enough to undertake surf lessons and participate in other activities. Moreover, by buying services from CLIFF, a client confirms not knowing of any health conditions that can prevent him/her from participating in surf classes and other activities or make this participation dangerous. We require our guests to report any relevant medical aspects such as allergies, disabilities, medical incapacities etc. for the sake of their own safety.
CLIFF SURF HOUSE is not liable for cancellations of or changes to its services and subsequent refunds if they appear due to circumstances beyond our control (severe weather conditions. natural disasters, war, terrorism etc.) We reserve an exclusive right to decide whether beach conditions, weather or other factors make certain activity unsafe or unfavourable and terminate its delivery at any time for any reason without a refund. However, should we be forced to cancel an activity, we will do our best to reschedule or compensate for it. If any complaints arise during your stay, they must be reported immediately. We will not hold responsibility for compensation for a problem that could have been solved during the client’s stay.

Drugs, Alcohol and General Rules: Drugs are strictly forbidden throughout the client’s stay in CLIFF SURF HOUSE. Violation of this rule will result in an immediate termination of our services without any refund. Alcohol consumption is allowed; however, its abuse may also result in termination of the client’s stay in CLIFF. Guests are expected to behave in a respectful manner towards other guests as well as show cautiousness towards CLIFF property and equipment. If the client’s behaviour does not correspond to these criteria, CLIFF reserves the right to terminate the client’s stay without any refund.

Transportation: CLIFF provides necessary transportation to/from surf spots and during other activities (tours & trips) throughout the entire client’s stay. However, a client uses transportation service at his/her own risk. We do not hold any responsibility for deaths or injuries which may occur as a result of using this service. We strive for punctuality when delivering our services, however, we cannot always guarantee it due to conditions beyond our control that may arise (intensive traffic, weather or any other). Should it happen, we will keep you informed immediately.

Photos, Videos and Text materials: By booking services with CLIFF, the client agrees to be photographed and recorded during activities of the camp. The client is also granting the use of image rights. She/he gives permission to the use of such materials for promotional and advertising purposes of CLIFF, in its own media (website, social media) as well as those of partners (online booking platforms) without further notice and agreement.